Tips to increase the value of your home.
1. Beautify your home: buying a home is emotional. Make sure that the first impression is positive. You're competing with every other home for sale now or lived in.

2. Appearance plays a major role: put emphasis on curb appeal: sweep driveways, trim hedges & trees, have colorful flowers. Let it be inviting.

3. Interior condition is just as important: refresh & air your home, organize closets, tidy up & de-clutter, shine kitchen & bathrooms. Your home may need a little spiffing up - as most houses do.

4. Consult with an established professional realtor who knows your area and who will determine the true market value of your property and a price that it will appraise for.

5. Make the house accessible. We live in hectic times: the more available your home is to show the more potential buyers you will have.

6. Effective marketing will ensure that your home will receive the exposure to attract a ready, willing and able buyer.

7. Finally, when you're ready, choose an agent who will aggressively promote your precious home: has a good reputation, and will stand behind his or her commitment to you. Remember: Not all real estate agents are the same.

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