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The history of how
Sherman Oaks came about is an interesting one. The land took many twist and turns before becoming the Sherman Oaks we know and love today. Back in 1910, there was a company by the name of the Los Angeles Suburban Homes Co., and they had purchased 47,000 acres of land because they felt there would be surge of interest in the area because in 3 years, the City of Los Angeles would develop the cities aqueduct in the area. So the land was purchased but still had to go thru more formalities before development could
begin. So in 1911, they had to file with the the city of Los Angeles a subdivision map. It was called Tract 1000. That was the first step in how Sherman Oaks began. Then a man by the name of General Moses Hazeltine Sherman, who was also one of the partners of the Los Angeles Suburban Homes Co., purchased 1000 acres all for himself. Well a little over 10 years went by and in 1927, he took that 1000 acres and subdivided it all up and sold off the land at $780 and acre. Sherman Oaks was born. Now you know where the name Sherman comes from in Sherman Oaks.


Sherman Oaks is part of the Valley. To get an idea of where it sits, it between Studio City, Van Nuys, Encino, Bel Air and Beverly Hills. Now the northern boarder currently goes to Burbank Blvd. But In July of 2009, the council for the city of Los Angeles had granted the request to extend that boundary further to the north all the way to Oxnard St.


Sherman Oaks doesn't have a lot of major landmarks. But it does have one that is very well known through the entire valley and that is the famous Sherman Oaks Galleria. It has been a major landmark for many many years. Unfortunately it was damaged back in 1994 during the Northridge earthquake so they had to
tear it down. Thankfully it was rebuilt into a beautiful open air mall and it still is Sherman Oaks more popular landmark. It has also been seen in many films thru the years. One of the first films it was used in was back in 1983 in the film Valley Girls. Another famous film it was used in was Fast Times at Ridgemont High. All of the kids in the film worked there so its shown thru the entire film.

Another famous landmark of Sherman Oaks is Castle Park Miniature Golf. Its one of the top miniature golf parks in the country. Its famously known for its lavish front that is built as castle.


Sherman Oaks has one of the largest collection of public and private schools of any city in the Valley. They have 5 public elementary schools and 2 public secondary school. Plus they have two public high schools. U.S Grant High school located near Valley Glen and Van Nuys High school. There is also the Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies. For private schools, there are plenty to choose from as well. In fact, there are more private schools than there are public schools to choose from in Sherman Oaks. The 2 most famous ones are The Buckley School and Notre Dame High School. The remaining private school in the area are Church of the Chimes, Emek Hebrew Academy, St. Francis DeSales, Sherman Oaks Lutheran, Sherman Oaks Presbyterian, The Nurtury, Armenian Evangelical Schools of California, Bridges Academy, Cambridge School ,Ferrahian Armenian High School and St.Cyril of Jerusalem. For high education, they have options as well. In terms of private higher education, there is the National University as well as Devry University. A public there is the Los Angeles Valley College


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