Advantages of owning vs. renting
1. Every time you pay your mortgage, it adds to you home's equity. It's like having a giant savings account..

2. Federal tax laws favor home ownership with enormous tax benefits. Mortgage-interest and property-taxes, for example, are tax deductible.

3. Capital Gains tax allows you to profit without paying taxes, for specified amounts, when selling your main residence.

4. As a homeowner you can borrow against the equity in your home in case of emergency. In fact, the interest of such a loan is usually tax deductible.

5. As a home owner you could consolidate all your high interest loans, like credit cards or student loans. with savings & equity build up you could make home improvements or even fund a child's education.

6. You can leverage the appreciated equity - or profit - into the purchase of your next home or second home as a nest egg for you retirement.

7. It is Your Home: as a home owner you have virtually unlimited ability to adapt your living space to suit your individual taste and needs. You could: paint, landscape, add more rooms.... the possibilities are endless: you're in control - it's your castle.

8. Owning a home gives you the security - you'll never get a notice form your landlord that you'll have to move or the rent is being raised.

9. To get the most desired house for the best possible price, you need a seasoned, knowledgeable and skillful negotiator to counsel and represent you in your real estate transaction..
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