Finding the right school for your children is very important. Wether it has certain classes your child is interested or a particular curriculum that complements your child and their future. Now you can search for homes that fall within a specific school district. On top of that, you can also subscribe to these searches and get automatic updates when a home is for sale in those particular school districts to make it easier for you get a head start before everyone else. Just find a school of interest below and click on the subscribe link and it will take you to all the homes currently for sale in that particular schools boundary and you can sign up for alerts on the right hand side.

At Carpenter Community Charter, our mission is to provide for the children of Studio City a vibrant, safe and rewarding neighborhood school where enrichment and hands-on learning are ingrained in a rigorous academic program – and where the whole child is encouraged to thrive and grow. Our goal is to impart in our students the skills they need to thrive in the 21st century and to provide our entire community the opportunity to have an active role in the success of our school. SUBSCRIBE »

Founded in 1927, Wonderland is a public Kindergarten through fifth grade campus nestled in the Hollywood Hills above Los Angeles. Our neighborhood school for residents of the surrounding Laurel Canyon community and our gifted/high ability magnet school, which draws students from across the city. By all measures – API, CST, and Value Added – Wonderland is ranked among the most effective elementary schools in Los Angeles. SUBSCRIBE »

Walter Reed Middle School’s vision is to provide its students with the ability to read, write and speak clearly; access information in a variety of ways, and become critical thinkers, by practicing problem solving in academic and societal situations. Walter Reed practices standards based instruction in order to help all students achieve mastery of the California State Standards in each content area. Reed’s mission is for its community of parents and staff to work together to make the students responsible citizens. SUBSCRIBE »

At Sherman Oaks Elementary Charter, our goal is to focus on the “whole child” – academically, socially, and emotionally – so they are prepared for a successful future. Sherman Oaks Elementary Charter’s vision is to encourage students to reach their maximum potential. Our students will value their unique self-worth as they contribute to the community as a whole. We build a model of excellence through a learning program that provides a standards-based curriculum in the least restrictive environment. SUBSCRIBE »

Our goal is to promote student achievement and develop critical, independent, and creative thinkers. Our program is enriched and accelerated with gifted and high achievers clustered across all classrooms. Instruction is differentiated to provide students with complex and challenging curriculum involving grade and across grade level collaboration. Our teachers receive specialized training in differentiating instruction and implementing parallel curriculum. SUBSCRIBE »

The teachers, families and staff of Colfax are dedicated to the academic and personal success of all students. We strive to prepare our students to face a future filled with ever-changing challenges by providing them with a curriculum that integrates technology, the arts and environmental sustainability. Together we enable each child to aspire to his/her highest potential in a safe and caring environment. Parents are a driving force at Colfax. They actively participate in numerous ways that directly impact student achievement. They serve on our important Local School Leadership Council, volunteer in classrooms, and raise funds to provide enrichment during and outside of the instructional day for all students. SUBSCRIBE »

Dixie Canyon Community Charter is a highly unique public elementary school that is defined by an extensive and unified sense of community. Threaded through this community of learning, there is ethnic, economic, and cultural diversity which broadens and deepens each and every perspective. Through collaboration between the students, teachers, parents and staff, Dixie Canyon provides an enriched educational experience. It is Dixie Canyon Community Charter’s mission to connect and build relationships to maintain it as your community school. SUBSCRIBE »